Incredible Chocolate Chip Cookies

You won't want anything to do with other cookies after you try the incredibly delicious options from Coraetta's Couture Desserts in San Bruno, California. All that's left will be crumbs after you or your guests get your hands on our deluxe chocolate chip cookies or brownies.

Cookie Flavors & Prices

Experience unmatched quality when you select from our large assortment of cookies. Have our choice of large cookies for $18.50 per dozen, or share the wealth with our mini-cookies for only $10.50 per dozen. We offer the very best in flavors including:

   •  Chocolate Chip Cookies
   •  Walnut Chocolate Chip

   •  Butter Cookies
   •  Oatmeal Cinnamon Chip

       Cookies - French Macaroons



Brownie Flavors & Prices

Enjoy our amazing mouth watering brownie bites for $24.50 per dozen.  Our signature brownie is the chocolate salted caramel and we offer a great selection of other delicious flavors including:


•  Chocolate Brownies
•  Chocolate Salted Caramel

 •  Chocolate Chip Brownies
 •  Chocolate Walnut


French Macarons

Try our delicious melt-in-your mouth French Macarons. we offer the best selection of delicious flavors including:


•  Orange
•  Pistachio
•  Strawberry Basil
•  Piña-Colada
•  Limoncello
•  Champagne

 •  Chocolate Salted Caramel
 •  Coffee
 •  Raspberry
 •  Passion Fruit
 •  Grand Marnier



Contact us today and experience firsthand why cookies are truly superior to the competition.